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Celebrated as the trailblazer of Tibet inbound tourism since 1984, Tibet Vista (or CITS Shigatse Tibet) is a well-established Tibet tour operator based in Lhasa, Tibet. It wasn’t until in 2005 that Tibet Vista had his initial foray into professional online Tibet tour service. Up till now, with over 10-year Tibet tour running experience, Tibet Vista has become international tourists’ top choice for Tibet tour, helping over 4,000 international tourists successively travel to Tibet each year.

The biggest specialty of our one-stop service involves 100% guarantee for Tibet Visa, cost-efficient small group tour and Tibet train booking and China Tibet tour via Qinghai-Tibet Railway. In addition, Tibet Vista is equipped with 4 official websites, (i.e. tibettravel.org; tibettour.org; chinatibettrain.com; 3rdpoletour.com) to offer the hottest Tibet tour itineraries and latest, and most comprehensive information concerning all facets of Tibet tour. Travel with Tibet Vista for life-time experience in Tibet.

Main Brands of Tibet Vista

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    Tibettravel.org basically serves as the ultimate encyclopedia of Tibet tour, and of Tibetan culture and history before you officially head to Tibet. Tourists can learn a walloping amount of east-to-follow information as to where to travel in Tibet, when is the best time to tour Tibet, and how to get Tibet Visa, how to travel to Tibet, etc. By reading our Tibet travel gurus’ guide, tourists yourself can be a Tibet tour expert and have a rough idea of what to expect in Tibet.

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    China Tibet Train

    Chinatibettrain.com focuses on the most accurate and latest information about Qinghai-Tibet Railway and China Tibet train tour via Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Tourists can easily use our service to book Tibet train ticket and relevant tour package. Overall, it’s your convenient tool to have Tibet train tour from other cities of China.

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    Third Pole Tour

    3rdpoletour.com is designed to be the leading tour operator with its emphasis on Sichuan Tibetan areas and Western China tour. Therefore, if tourists prefer to travel to Tibet after touring its neighboring provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Qinghai, and Xinjiang autonomous region, then 3rdpoletour.com shall be your first priority. The diverse itineraries in Sichuan Tibetan areas and Western China will meet the need of every pocket.

Tibet Vista In News & Awards

  • How It Was Traveling with Tibet Vista

    How It Was Traveling with Tibet Vista?

    Sara Naumann, China Travel Expert with About.com, travelled with Tibet Vista in 2014 to Everest Base Camp. She did a thorough and objective review of Tibet Vista’ tour service from choosing Tibet tour itinerary to Tibet Vista’s sales team, Tibetan guide and driver, tour cost and offered many valuable suggestions for improvement. In her remarks: “I would not hesitate to recommend anyone traveling to Tibet to book through Tibet Vista. I found their service to be very professional and as noted above, their on-site Tibet staff to be beyond excellent.”

    PUBLISHED DATE: February,23 2016
  • Recipes of China: Real Mapo Tofu From Sichuan

    Recipes of China: Real Mapo Tofu From Sichuan

    Clarissa Wei is a distinguished American food critic and gourmet columnist. In August, 2016, she was invited by Tibet Vista to travel from Chengdu to Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse to experience the exotic Tibetan culture via traditional Tibetan cuisine, stunning alpine scenery and interesting people. She sipped Tibetan sweet tea with another solo female traveler in old Lhasa tea house and met famous Tibetan restaurateur, attended Tibetan rock band concert in Lhasa and got amazed by devout Tibetan pilgrims and magnificent Tibetan monasteries and sacred lakes. The whole journey proved to be fruitful and rewarding.

    PUBLISHED DATE: February,18 2016
  • The Tibet Train: Rocket To The Roof

    The Tibet Train: Rocket To The Roof

    Janet Rodger, the contributor of www.forbes.com, specialized in writing about adventures for people travelling solo and happened to find the most comprehensive information of Qinghai-Tibet Train on our website tibettravle.org. Later, in her article “The Tibet Train: Rocket to the Roof”, Janet sited our website and recommended it to world-wide travelers.

    PUBLISHED DATE: January,06 2016
  • How to Travel to Tibet

    How to Travel to Tibet?

    Johnny Ward, a celebrated Irish travel blogger, used Tibet Vista’s tour service and travelled with her mom to Lhasa from Chengdu via Qinghai-Tibet Railway. They had fantastic 6-day central Tibet culture tour from Lhasa, to Gyantse, and Shigatse. Later he shared his experience of how to travel to Tibet and recommended Tibet Vista as the best Tibet tour company in Tibet.

    PUBLISHED DATE: March,12 2015
  • Lhasa to Everest Base Camp: The Ultimate Trip to the Roof of World

    Lhasa to Everest Base Camp: The Ultimate Trip to the Roof of World

    Gobackpacking.com is one of the world’s top 50 travel blogs and aims to facilitate global budget travelers with practical and easy travel guide to diverse tour destinations. Tibet Vista worked with gobackpacking.com to promote the rich Tibet tour resource to the world by contributing original articles of Tibetan culture and classic Tibet tour itineraries.

    PUBLISHED DATE: July, 28 2016
  • Partnership with Tibet.cn

    Partnership with Tibet.cn

    Tibet.cn is the authoritative website of China Tibet Online, with which Tibet Vista teams up to provide the most comprehensive and timely news of Tibet, Tibet tour, and Tibetan culture, history and festivals and beyond.

    PUBLISHED DATE: September, 12 2016