How to get Tibet Travel Permit 2014, Details and Cost

Tibet Travel Permits (or Tibet visa) are the necessary documents required for a tour to Tibet in addition to Chinese visa. Tibet Travel Permits vary according to the places that travelers plan to visit, but the most basic one is the permit issued... Read More

Mt. Kailash Travel Permit Update and Restriction 2014

This year 2014, the horse year according to Tibetan calendar which comes every 12-year, is the very right year for pilgrims to make a religion celebration of circuiting around Mt. Kailash at Darchen, Ngari(Ali) prefecture, especially during the Saga... Read More

Tibet Visa Policy,Restrictions and Situation 2014

Both tourists and Tibet travel agencies wish Tibet to be a stable and safe travel destination. Any cancellation or intervention of the travel plan is problematic. However, considering Tibet’s special political background, tourists will always worry... Read More