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Welcome to Tibet! Regarded as “the roof of the world”, Tibet is located in western part of China, a neighbor to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Kashmir. Scattered by Snow Mountains and lakes, Tibet can generally be divided into three parts: forest (in the east), grassland ( in the north), and farmland (in the central and southern regions). With a history of thousands of years, Tibetan people created a splendid, unique civilization, which can be found in every coroner of Tibet, especially in monasteries.

If you intend to travel in Tibet, you may choose the quality travel service offered by Tibet Vista, a reliable branch office of CITS in Tibet. The team consists of more than 50 staff, mostly Tibetans in Lhasa, offering for tourists accommodation, tickets, all kind of permits, guide and drive service and so on. To provide tourists with the most professional travel information, latest quotation and itinerary, Tibet Vista has an travel consultants team of 15 people in Chengdu offering inquiring and tour-advice service on the internet. Our team members are all brilliants in the Tibet tourism realm. 80% of our staffs have the college and above degrees, 20% of them used to study in abroad.

Remote and isolated, the natural environment of Tibet is so harsh.Besides, it is backward in economic level. So the tourist facilities are not good compared with other areas in China. But, with concerted efforts of Tibet Vista, your travel will definitely become an exciting and unforgettable memory in your entire life!


Find us in Lhasa

Located in Gyatso Road(Old district of Lhasa), next to Norbulingka, Tibet Vista’s office in Lhasa can be easily spotted by tourists . Since 2008, Tibet Vista has received increasing tourists and the figure has kept growing at a considerable number annually. To provide quality and steady tourism service, Tibet Vista Cooperates with local Tibetans and builds a professional operating team to offer services like: Hotel and train ticket booking, Tour organizing, Tibet tour guide arrangement, Tibet Entry permit application, Emergent Evacuation etc. Our local team currently plays a vital role in Tibet travel industry and the customers we served annually have surpassed 6,000.

Address: Jia Cuo NO3-070 Beijing Xi Lu Lhasa Tibet,China
Tel: 15328001060, 86-891-6810381
Contact Person: Lobsang Tsering
Local Tour Company License Number: L-XZ0002-LS01

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